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2018 AAU State Championships
May 4 – 6, 2018
University of West Georgia
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2018 AAU Gymnastics Southern Regional
May 18 – 20, 2018
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“Clubs should submit your primary electronic contact address to in order to receive, via electronic delivery, all ongoing seasonal updates, clarifications, Newsletter deliveries, Rules and Policies, State Meet packages and other relevant AAU information throughout the season.”

AAU Gymnastics Overview

Meet Directors

Meet Directors MUST verify all athlete and coach membership numbers prior to your event!! Go to and click on the Red Membership/Join AAU Tab; under Event Licensing select Event Director Membership lookup.

Enter the Event Code and AAU member ID of the Event Director (the ID number of the person who applied for the Event License).  Access to this data will be available 3 weeks prior to the event and for 3 days after.  If you need additional assistance please contact Amanda Steelman, Gymnastics Sports Director, at or Liz Nichols, AAU National Chair, at  All Meet Directors are required to submit Competition results to the GA-AAU Event License and Scores Agent, June Seymour, within 48 hours of your competition.   Please mail to:
June Seymour
279 John Coursey Road
Ellabell, GA 31308-4509

Results should be submitted by competitive levels.  Age Divisions can be together, but not Levels. Out of State competitors should also be noted. Please submit $1.00 per gymnast ($2.00 for State Meets) and make the check out to GA-AAU.

2018 Executive Board

2017 AAU Rules and Policies

2017 State Meet Bid Form

Gymnastics Awards

Time Parameters for GA AAU for Levels 1-4 and Xcel Divisions 2014 – 2017

Warm up times:
Levels 1/2 – 45 seconds per athlete

Level 3/4 – 1 minute per athlete
Xcel Bronze – 30 seconds; (Guaranteed 1 warm-up vault)
Xcel Silver – 45 seconds; (Guaranteed 1 warm-up vault)
Xcel Gold – 1 minute; (Guaranteed 2 warm up vaults)
Xcel Platinum – 1:30; (Guaranteed 2 warm-up vaults)
Xcel Diamond – 2:00; – (Guaranteed 3 warm up vaults)

Competition Times:

Level 1 – Time 30 seconds, warning 20 seconds
Level 2- Time 35 seconds, warning 25 seconds
Level 3 – Time 55 seconds, warning 45 seconds
Level 4 – Time 1 minute 5 seconds, warning 55 seconds
Xcel Bronze – Time 45 seconds, warning 35 seconds
Xcel Silver – Time 50 seconds, warning 40 seconds
Xcel Gold – Time 1:00, warning 50 seconds
Xcel Platinum – Time 1:15, warning 1:05
Xcel Diamond – Time 1:15, warning 1:05
Floor Xcel Bronze – Time 45 seconds
Xcel Silver – Time 1:00 Xcel Gold – Time 1:00
Xcel Platinum – Time 2:00 Xcel Diamond – Time 1:30

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Routines and Deductions

2017 – 2018 Age Group Levels 1 – 4 Deductions
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2017 – 2018 Age Group Program Levels 1 – 4 Text
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For 2014-17 GA-AAU Xcel will follow the USAG Xcel Program with only exceptions as listed in GA AAU Rules and Policies.  
(See exceptions bullets below)
GA AAU Xcel Program will follow all USA Xcel Rules and Policies unless otherwise specifically stated in GA AAU Rules and Policies.  Due to copyright agreements with USA we do not publish USA materials.  You should go to USA website to access all USA Rules Information and Changes,  Value Charts, and Deduction Charts.  All updates and clarifications provided through USAG regarding their Xcel Program will automatically apply to the GA-AAU Xcel Program for the 2016-17 season unless specifically modified and included in GA AAU Rules and Policies.  GA AAU reserves the right to make modifications during future seasons.

All vaults (except for Round-off entry vaults; see additional bullet below) in each of the GA-Xcel Divisions (Bronze through Diamond) will be allowed to use the air board with no penalty.  The allowance of the air board applies to all GA-AAU Compulsory level vaults as well.

  • For the Diamond Division (exclusive for Yurchenko entry vaults, only the spring board and collar may be used.)  Use of the air board for these type vaults will void that vault.

NOTE: AAU Xcel follows the USAG Xcel matting requirements for all vaults.  This includes that when using both the Table and stacked matting arrangement the mat stack must be 8 inches above the Table height, plus or minus 2 inches.  Failure to comply will result in a 0.3 equipment deduction for that vault.

Due to copyright issues GA-AAU is limited to what we can display on this website regarding the USAG Xcel Program.  For the full USAG Xcel package it is highly recommended that clubs purchase the USAG Xcel Code of Points (second edition) on line through USAG.  All updates and clarifications provided through USAG regarding their Xcel Program will automatically apply to the GA-AAU Xcel Program for the 2014-15 season.  GA-AAU reserves the right to make modifications during future seasons.”



 Your AAU Club Membership is valid from September 1 through August 31 of any given year.  Club Membership is optional though necessary to receive AAU mailings, event notifications, voting rights in AAU elections, club practice insurance, to host sanctioned AAU events (level 2 or level 3) and for participation in Team Awards at any sanctioned competition.  There are three levels of Club Memberships available.  These fees vary according to which level best fits your club’s needs.  To learn more about these three levels and print out a Club Membership form go to  All registrations must be accomplished over the internet at  If you have any questions, you can call the GA AAU  office 770-979-1584.


Go to for all athlete and coach registration.  If you have any questions regarding the difference between Regular or AB (added benefit) registration, contact AAU Member Services at 407-934-7200. 

Go to  to register over the Internet.  It is easy and quick!

Please go to Hosting an AAU Sanctioned Event on the Welcome Screen for general instructions.  For specific instructions regarding gymnastics competitions click on Rules and Policies below.   There will be a $1.00 surcharge for each AAU gymnast in your AAU sanctioned invitational.


Clubs are strongly advised/encouraged to have your Competition Staff (Coaches) Safety Certified through the USAG Risk Management Course offered online or through a live course.  For further information please contact USAG Membership Services at 800-345-4719 or visit the USAG website at