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2024 Betty Lowe Citizenship Award

Graduating High School Seniors, Do not miss out on this opportunity

Georgia AAU will award a total of $10,000 to students in 2024.

Awards will given to graduating High School Seniors that have participated in AAU events both currently or at any time in the past.  Individual awards will be given in the amount of $1,000 each to ten applicants.  This award is intended to assist the student with continuing education expenses at college/university/trade schools.

Georgia AAU is proud to assist, and to invest in, our current and former members. 
To apply for the 2024 Betty Lowe Citizenship Award, follow the instructions below.

Current or former Coaches and Club Representatives are encouraged to assist the graduating High School Senior with this application.  Just as you have motivated your athletes to succeed in sports,
motivate them to compete for this award.

Deadline is June 1, 2024


Create a ‘folder’ on your computer where you can save the linked fillable PDF application.
You may need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat to use thE ‘fillable’ PDF application
Save the PDF as: ‘your name’ GA AAU Scholarship Application
Example: ‘James Henry GA AAU Scholarship Application’.

  The PDF application includes clear instructions on how to complete. 
The completed application (and supporting materials) must be received via email by June 1, 2024.
To email, simply make copies of all the documents you saved into the ‘folder’ you created
and email by June 1, 2024.

2024 Application will be made available on April 1, 2024
Return completed Application between April 15 – June 1, 2024

For answers to questions relating to this award please email:
James Henry:

Previous winners:

2023 Betty Lowe Citizenship Award Winners

Whitney Bonk – Gymnastics – AAU for 2 years
Kennedie Ann Dyer- Gymnastics – AAU for 8 years
Kennedy Ahne McDonald – Track & Field – AAU for 2 years
Kevin Mitchell – Track & Field – AAU for10 years
Maggie Parkman – Gymnastics – AAU for 4 years
Triniti Garnett – Gymnastics – AAU for 5 years
Andrea Hurt – Volleyball – AAU for 9 years

2022 Betty Lowe Citizenship Award Winners

Langston McCovery – Track and Basketball – AAU for 10 years
Robert Stone IV – Taekwondo – AAU for 14 years
Melanie Purcell – Gymnastics – AAU for 13 years
Shelby Griffin – Gymnastics – AAU for 9 years

2020 Betty Lowe Citizenship Award Winners

Award Winner AAU Sport Years in AAU
Camille Elise Trotman Track and Field             10
Taviana Williams Track & Field, Gym              7
Oluwatoni Adenupe Basketball, Track&Field              4
Tyson Omar Riley, II Track & Field              4
Kennedy Crawford Track & Field              6
Kyla Ffrench Volleyball              3
Trinity Brooks Volleyball              2
Katelyn Diane Hackett In Line Roller Hockey              8

2019 Betty Lowe Citizenship Award Winners

Award Winner AAU Sport Years in AAU
Freddie L Allen III Track and Field 12
Emoni Coleman Track and Field 8
Skylar Jordan Kitchen Gymnastics 10
Chloe Faith Jeanice Pressley Gymnastics 11
Julia Grace Randolph Gymnastics 9
Raydan Wilder Wrestling 13
Hailey Elizabeth Wilkinson Gymnastics 10
Tia B. Williams Track and Field 11
Bryce Lee Williamson Track and Field 5
Kristen Michele Wise Gymnastics 6

2018 Betty Lowe Citizenship Award Winners

Award Winner AAU Sport Years in AAU
Megan Faye Hackett In Line Hockey 6
Darius Scott Track & Field 1
Jenna Crews Gymnastics 5
Tobey Rae Hatfield Gymnastics 11
Jordan Crawford Track & Field 7
Thalmus Jalen McDowell Boys Basketball 2
Chandler Brooke Furman Gymnastics            3

THE 2023 GA AAU Executive Committee
On January 8, 2023 the Georgia AAU held its Annual Executive Committee Meeting.
at the Smyrna Community Center in Smyrna, Georgia.
 At that meeting the District Leaders discussed what needs to be done to
grow and improve the AAU at the District Level. 

2022 GA AAU Election Information
Congratulations to these new leaders within the Georgia AAU

Newly Elected District Officers
Bobby Stone – Lt Governor
Wendy Miller – Secretary
Mike Miller – Registrar
New District Sport Directors
Leticia Beverly – Georgia AAU Track & Field
Kirk Inman – Georgia AAU Boys Basketball
Bobby Stone – Georgia AAU Golf
Mike Miller – Georgia AAU Pickleball
George Miller – Georgia AAU Volleyball
For a complete Contact list of all Officers and District Sport Directors
Click the ‘Contacts’ tab in the upper right

Next Elections May or June 2024

Congratulations and thanks to all those that work to create quality competition events for
those that chose to play sport in the AAU.  Whether you are someone that volunteers to set
up tables and chairs at an event, or stays late to help with the breakdown of a venue, or a District Sport Director,
the program works because of you….

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We strive to simplify your AAU experience so that you can spend more time
Playing The Game…..

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