Finding a Team

AAU does not have any clubs/teams, they only have club members.  Independent clubs join AAU in order to participate in AAU Licensed (Sanctioned) events and to adequately insure their athletes, coaches and practice facilities.  Each club sets its own policies regarding tryouts, practices, fees, goals, etc.  Some clubs host open tryouts, others are local teams that are hand picked by their local recreation groups, and some may not choose to have tryouts at all.  AAU does not govern these clubs except when they are participating in AAU Licensed (Sanctioned) events.  We are unable to give out confidential information on our club members such as emails or contact information, therefore, we are unable to assist you in locating a club or team with confidential contact information.  However, we can offer the following suggestions and tools to assist you.

1.      When looking for a club you should ask questions that will allow you to select a club that meets your own needs and expectations.  The AAU offers “The Parents Page”.  It is a guideline of things to consider when selecting a team.  Visit “The Parent Page”. 

2.      Once you know what you are looking for, check your local papers for clubs advertising tryouts.  Ask your athlete to ask their class mates who they participate with in AAU events.  Contact local recreation centers for information on tryouts.

3.      If you have not been able to find a club/team on your own, then you can try a program that the AAU has instituted, “Find a Club” by which you can register your child.  There you can list your information on a site where coaches can access your contact information if they  are looking for athletes to participate in their program.  Visit  “Find a Club”

Thank you for your interest in participating in AAU events and a I hope that you will find a club/team/coach that will meet your needs and expectations in helping further your athletes athletic career.