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2014 AAU Diving National Championship
On Thursday, July 24, at the same venue where the 1996 Olympic Games were held on the Georgia Tech Campus, Opening Ceremonies were held for the 2014 AAU Diving National Championships.
As the Governor for GA AAU, I had the pleasure to meet with the Aquatics National Sport Chair, Lewis Fellinger, and members of his staff.  I was given the opportunity of saying a few brief words of welcome to the athletes. This event was the largest AAU Diving National Championship that has ever been held by the AAU.  This six day event continues through the weekend and ends on July 26. 
The great thing about being involved in the AAU is to see the many different sports and those that participate in them.  There is a unifying thing about all athletes, regardless of the sport.  They may chose different sports, sometimes  by choice or sometimes because that is what they are exposed to, but they all share the same desire to improve and compete.